Getting to the Bottom

A Series for Optimization Methods for Statistics and Machine Learning

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About the Package

This is the companion R package for the Getting to the Bottom series of articles for learning optimization methods for statistics and machine learning written for by Jocelyn Chi and Eric Chi.


You’ll need R to use this package. If you don’t already have R, you can download it at the following links for Mac OS X or Windows. We also highly recommend the RStudio IDE.



Updating the Package

Since we’ll be adding new functions for each article, you’ll want to make sure that you’re running the latest version of the package when replicating the examples in the articles.

If you’re using RStudio, you can check for updates by selecting the Tools menu, selecting Check for Package Updates, and then checking the packages you’d like to update.

If you’re not using RStudio, you can also update via the update.packages() command. This command will go through each of the packages you have installed and prompt you for whether or not you want to update it. You can press the esc key to exit this function at any time.


After loading the package with library(gettingtothebottom), you can browse the documentation for function usage and examples via the help pages with help(gettingtothebottom).

Additional detail on the functions and datasets included in this package can also be found in the accompanying Getting to the Bottom article for each optimization algorithm.