Hi, I'm Jocelyn and I'm a postdoc in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Rice University working with Deanna Needell in the Mathematics Department at UCLA.

  • I am a recipient of the NSF Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (Mentor: Deanna Needell; Currently on leave while at Rice).
  • I completed my PhD studies in statistics with a concentration in mathematics at NC State, where I was advised by Ilse Ipsen.
  • During my PhD studies, I was a recipient of the NSF Mathematical Sciences Graduate Internship and worked with Sherry Xiaoye Li in the Scalable Solvers Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.


My research interests are in scalable statistical data analysis and computing using tools from randomized algorithms, machine learning, low rank matrix and tensor factorizations, stochastic optimization, and numerical analysis. My work focuses on developing provable randomized algorithms to scale statistical machine learning methods for the analyses of modern massive, complex, and structured data. My computational projects have included applications to biobank data, hyperspectral imaging, and survey data containing free-form text responses. Please find my publications here and on Google Scholar.

My work is supported by

  • NSF DMS-2103093: "Provable Randomized Algorithms for Scaling Multivariate Statistical Methods for Analyses of Massive, Complex, and Structured Data." (PI)

Keywords: Scalable statistical computing, randomized algorithms, statistical machine learning, stochastic optimization, numerical analysis, nonnegative matrix factorization, tensors


Email: jocelyn [dot] chi [at] rice [dot] edu